App Tastic

by Leila Dayne

I try and make the most health conscious and economical choices I can while shopping but with everything going on and all the smaller umbrella companies it’s hard to know where exactly all the stuff you’re buying is coming from. I’m very anti Monsanto but I know that all large corporations have smaller divisions that I may not even know about.

But now I can!!

By downloading the Buycott app to my iPhone I can scan the barcodes while shopping and see a direct company family tree of who makes the product. I can also put in information about companies I wish to avoid.

It’s a really great little app, that got an awesome write up on Forbes the other day.

Check it out!!

It’s so important to know that what you are putting in your body is healthy and for me, it’s also about knowing that I’m supporting companies with ethical business practices!!

Enjoy your Wednesday!!

All My Love,