Having All The Answers…Sort of…

by Leila Dayne

As I was bouncing around the internet today, I came across this really cool little graphic.

It’s a beautiful little chart that lists some of the most commonly asked job interview questions and then gives you handy insight on how best to formulate your personal answers to them.

This would come in soooooo very handy for those out there looking for a job, but also just in general as something to look over and review so that if these questions ever come up in a business or personal setting you can already have a well thought out response.

I’m always thoroughly stumped by the question of “Tell Me About Yourself.” It’s not a hard question, of everything in the world…I know the most about myself. But when put on the spot, in either a business or personal setting, it becomes a hard question for me to answer. How many good things can I say without sounding cocky? How many negative qualities before I sound like a self pitying cry baby? By giving yourself the time to really think about this in advance you can build a platform of ideal responses in your head that can be added or subtracted from if they ever come up without panicking and becoming the deer in the headlights :]


All My Love,