Who Am I?

Blogger, writer and social stigma challenger. Actively living, loving and learning. Single parent superhero. Vocabulary of a sailor. Tattoo enthusiast. Advocate of The Holstee Manifesto. Be curious, committed, and never settle for what others expect of you…but what you expect of yourself. This blog purely serves as my creative outlet; a cacophony of  ingenuity; a digital playground for my arrant thoughts. I can’t promise you’ll always like it, but I can promise it will be honest. Everyone is always welcome, especially if you posses an open mind. I like to write about life and all of my eccentricities. All of my daring adventures but also the days that I just sit home and attempt the world record for longest nap. And your ears and brain…oh how they will love the gloriousness I will bestow upon them!! They will dance to my favorite music. Visit as often as you like, or not at all. I make no rules, and no promises…but I will give you a puppy wearing a beret if you bring a friend!!